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Wireless system for monitoring downhole parametrs



The wireless system for monitoring downhole parametrs Tri-Logic.DCS is designed for collecting and transmitting information from sensors located in an operational oil well using an electromagnetic communication channel.


The system is designed for operational control of reservoir parameters and optimization of the operating mode of oil wells.


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  • Reducing technological risks through the use of cable-free technology.

  • Operational monitoring of the deposit development mode (monitoring of the dynamic liquid level in the well) and the pumping unit operation mode (pressure and temperature at the pump intake).

  • Conducting hydrodynamic studies (CVD) of a well without lifting deep-pumping equipment.

  • Up to 3 years of autonomous operation in the well.




The system is designed to control the parameters of downhole reservoir fluid (water-gas-oil mixture) at the installation point of the deep module, the operating pressure of the liquid is up to 34 MPa, the temperature range of the liquid is from 0 to +70 ° C. Installation of the system in the well is carried out during the descent of the deep-pumping equipment. Standard downhole equipment is used to form a communication channel, no changes are required to the well design.


The system includes: a deep module, a communication controller, and a circuit breaker.

The deep module is marked with explosion protection 1Ex db ib IIB T3 Gb and includes: a transmitter, an autonomous power system, a pressure and temperature sensor.

A communication controller is installed near the wellhead in the explosion-proof zone, which receives data from the deep module and transmits it to the upper level of the automation system. The communication controller is connected to any metal structure of the wellhead and to a grounding device.

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Communication Controller




Type of communication channel

General system parameters

Diameter of the production well column

127, 146, 168 mm

Parameters of the deep module

Depth of descent into the well

up to 2000 meters

Dimensions, diameter/length

Technical parameters


Minimum period of pressure and temperature measurement

60 seconds

Data transfer rate

1 bit/sec

Battery life with one
battery pack (at an average
transmission frequency 3 times a day)

1100 days

Pressure measurement range

from 0 to 34 MPa

Temperature measurement range

from 0 to +70 °С

Ø89 / 1450 mm

Explosion protection marking

1Ex db ib IIB T3 Gb

Operation period

12 years

Communication Controller Parameters

Top-level communication protocol


Communication interface

Ethernet, WiFi

Power supply parameters

220V / 50W

Operating temperature range

from -40 to +55 °С

Level of case protection


Dimensions, h/w/d

300/220/160 mm

Operation period

12 years

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