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Technologies and Products



The ability to competently design, develop, test and deploy software is a necessary quality for any modern IT company. New tasks may require non-standard solutions. The goal of Tri-Logic LLC is to develop software products of various types and purposes, following Agile principles and putting the interests of users above all else. Our portfolio includes a variety of software, from specialized user programs to large web applications. The range of programming languages we use includes Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, C, C++, and others, as well as services and technologies – Docker, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Telegram API.


Client software


A desktop application for monitoring the operation of equipment, analyzing archived data and monitoring the status of the radio network.



(mobile version)

Android application for monitoring the operation of equipment, analyzing archived data.

Telegram bot

Telegram bot automatically generates daily reports on the operation of LoRaWAN network devices, and also responds to service requests.


A desktop application for configuring and setting up LoRa radio controllers via a communication port using the Modbus protocol.

Server software

LoRaTools WEB

WEB-server provides advanced functionality for local and remote monitoring of the operation of fishing facilities.


The data server software module is designed for automated processing of incoming information.

Communication software


The LoRaWAN base station software module is designed to decrypt and process LoRa format packets and record information into a database.

Controller software


The software is designed to check measuring inputs and devices connected to the communication port, convert information into LoRa format and exchange data with the base station.

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